Opening times: Everyday from 8:30-17:30
Closed on: December 29 – January 1

Entrances Fees:

IndividualGroup (20+)Physically Disabled
High School (15-18)350円280円100円
Primary / Middle School (6-15)350円280円100円

Bowl of Matcha Tea at the Teahouse:

AdultsChildren (~ 15 years)
Macha Tea
(includes sweet)

Combo Ticket:
 Ticket gives free entrance to the Hirado Dutch Trading Post
(*Closed on the third Tue/Wed/Thu in June)

IndividualGroup (20+)
Primary / Middle / High School (6-18)400円400円

•    Groups must be over 20 people entering together
•    Physically disabled people must present their Disibility Card

Matsura Historical Museum

Kagamigawa 12, Hirado
Nagasaki, 859-5152
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Tel.: 0950-22-2236
Fax.: 0950-22-2281
# The third sunday of the month is free entrance for citizens of Hirado (please present proof of address)