Timeline of the Matsura Family:

Gene rati on Name Year Matsura family related events Events in Japan Events abroad
1 Toru 18th son of Emperor Saga. Last name is Minamoto. Is bestowed with the family crest of the three stars.
2 Noboru 894: Envoys to Tang China stopped
3 Tsukau 935:Silla Kingdom falls in Korea
936:Goryeo Kingdom unifies Korean peninsula
4 Mitsuru
5 Tsuna
6 Sazuku 1019 Toi Invasion (Jurchen pirates). Sazuku defends Hizen area with Minamoto Tomo.
7 Yasushi
8 Hisashi 1069 In this year Hisashi is thought to have arrived in Imafuku, Matsuura area.
Hisashi changes his last name to Matsura
9 Naoshi 1151 Naoshi receives rule over the area
1183 The place name “Hirado” is first used with its current Japanese spelling 1181:Taira no Kiyomori dies
1185 Matsura Naval Faction participates in the battle of Dan-no-ura on the Heike side. 1185: Heike clan defeated at Dannoura
1191 The zen monk Eisai stays in Ashigaura, Hirado, on his way back from China. 1187:Eisai visits China for a second time
10 Hiraku 1192 Hiraku expands his rule over Hirado, Ojika, Takashima, Imari, Saza, etc. 1192: Minamoto Yoritomo becomes Shogun
11 Tamotsu 1229 Tamotsu inherits rule over Hirado, Ojika, and Takashima 1202: Eisai founds Kennin-ji Temple 1226: Wokou pirates attack Goryeo
12 Tsunagu
1235 Monks Eison, Enni and others stay in Hirado on their way to China
13 Tatou 1271 Tatou extends his rule over Kawachi, Ojika and others places. 1260: Kublai Khan ruler of Mongol Empire
14 Kotou 1271: Yuan dynasty proclaimed by Kublai
1274 First Mongol invasion. Attack on Tsushima and Iki and they reach the Hirado coast.
1281 Second Mongol invasion. Yuan troops gather around Hirado. 1279: Yuan defeat the Song
1287 The Matsura’s demand rewards from the shogunate for defending the country 1333: Fall of the Kamakura shogunate
15 Sadamu 1336 Sadamu aligns with the southern court 1336: Muromachi shogunate established, Split of Northern and Southern Court
16 Suguru 1338: Ashikaga Takauji becomes Shogun
1339 The Matsura’s complain due to a lack of rewards 1339: Emperor Go-daigo dies
1343 Sadamu aligns with Shogunate. Rule over area is recognized. 1350: Large increase of Wokou pirates
1384 Matsura clan relatives sign an alliance (with Matsura Tatou) 1368: Yuan dynasty falls, Ming rises
1388 Matsura clan relatives sign an alliance (with Hirado lord Tatou, Iwami lord Takeo, Wakasa lord Hirou)
1392 Matsura clan relatives sign an alliance (with Wakasa lord Hirou) 1392: Northern and Southern Court merge 1392: In Korea Goryeo falls, Joseon rises
17 Osamu
18 Naoshi
19 Suguru
20 Yoshi Suguru and Yoshi die in battle with other invading Matsura relatives.
21 Yoroshi 1436 Treaty signed with neighboring Matsura relatives 1441:Shogun Yoshinori assassinated
1456 Yoroshi sends trading envoy to Korea
1458 In Kyoto Yoroshi donates money to burial temple of Shogun Yoshinori.
Permission granted to send trade envoys to Ming China 1467: Onin War starts
22 Toyohisa 1471 Toyohisa sends trade envoy to Korea
23 Hirosada 1479: Spanish Kingdom founded
1491 Arima and Omura clans invade, Hirosada goes to Hakata to ask Ouchi clan for help. 1498: Vasco de Gama reaches India
1492 Hirosada returns to Hirado 1510: Portuguese colonise Goa
24 Okinobu 1517: Protestant reformation
25 Takanobu 1541 Takanobu appointed head of the family at age 13 1534: Jesuit order established
Ochoku, Chinese trader and head of Wokou pirates, establishes base in Hirado 1543:Portuguese land in Tanegashima, introduce firearms to Japan
1550 Start of Portuguese trade in Hirado. Fransisco Xavier travels from Kagoshima. 1549: Xavier arrives in Kagoshima
1555 Takanobu sends letter to the vice head of the Jesuits in India, Fr. Melchi
1557 Ochoku is captured by Ming forces and executed. 1557:Portugal gain rights over Macau
1561 At the Miyanomae incident in Hirado 14 Portuguese are killed in a dispute
1562 Portuguese ships avoid Hirado port and trade in the Omura domain 1558(~1568): Wokou raid coast of China and SE Asia
1564 Tenmonji (Santa Maria) Church is built in Hirado. Portuguese ships arrives in Hirado.
1565 Portuguese ship sails on Fukuda port near Nagasaki. Hirado naval ship and Sakai trade ship attack. End of Portuguese trade in Hirado. 1569: Oda Nobunaga permits missionary work 1571: Spanish establish Manila
1571 Takanobu extends domain to Iki islands 1573:Fall of Muromachi Shogunate 1581: Holland proclaims independence
26 Shigenobu 1587 Shigenobu partakes in Hideyoshi’s Kyushu campaign. Receives letter confirming domain area. 1582:Oda Nobubaga commits suicide 1588: England defeats the Spanish armada
Missionaries gather in Ikitsuki to discuss ban on Christianity 1587:Hideyoshi bans Christianity
1592 Shigenobu, Hisanobu and Konishi Yukinaga are part of the first regiment during the Japanese invasion of Korea. 1592: Start of Japanese invasion of Korea (Imjin War)
1593 Governor of the Spanish Phillipines visits Hirado. Hizen-Nagoya Castle constructed by Hideyoshi. 1596: San Felipe incident
1597: Crucifixion of the 26 martyrs of Nagasaki
1597:Second Japanese invasion of Korea
1598 Shigenobu and Hisanobu return from Korea 1598:Toyotomi Hideyoshi dies
27 Hisanobu 1599 Takanobu (Doka) dies. Powerful Christian retainer Koteda flees Hirado to Nagasaki
1600 Battle of Sekigahara 1600: Dutch ship De Liefde strands in Oita 1600: English East India Company founded
28 Takanobu 1603 Takanobu (Soyo) comes of age. Visits Ieyasu in Shizuoka with grandfather Shigenobu. 1603: Edo Shogunate established 1602: United Dutch East India Company (VOC) founded
1604 Shigenobu (Hoin) receives permission to trade overseas.
1605 Stranded Dutchmen from the De Liefde are sent back with a trading ship of the Matsura family
1609 2 Dutch ships arrive in Hirado, William Adams arrives in Hirado 1609:Agreement between Japan and Korea
Dutch Trading Post founded in Hirado (Normal relations with Korea restored)
1613 English Ship arrives in Hirado. English Trading Post founded.
Shigenobu (Hoin) purposefully burns down his own castle in Hirado.
Shigenobu (Hoin) sends letter to the English King.
1616 Dutch and English trade are restricted to Nagasaki and Hirado. 1614: Siege of Osaka winter campaign
1619 Dutch-Anglo Alliance in Hirado signed 1615: Siege of Osaka

summer campaign

1620 William Adams dies in Hirado
1623 English Trading Post is closed 1622:Massacre of Nagasaki (Christians)
1624 Zheng Chenggong is born in Hirado 1624:Spanish ships are banned from Japan 1624:Dutch gain control over Taiwan
1634:Dejima is constructed in Nagasaki
1635:Chinese trade is limited to Nagasaki
1636: Dejima completed. Portuguese confined on it.
29 Shigenobu 1637 Shigenobu (Tensho) becomes lord of Hirado 1637:Shimabara rebellion
1640 Demolition of Hirado Dutch Trading Post is ordered by shogunate 1639:Portuguese banned from Japan
1641 Hirado Dutch Trading Post is closed and moved to Dejima 1644:Fall of Ming Dynasty
1646:Zheng Chenggong raises an army against the Qing dynasty
1648 Zheng Chenggong requests shogunate assistance for re-establishment of the Ming dynasty
1655 Heima, the younger brother of military strategist Yamaga Soko, becomes retainer of the Matsura clan 1665: Yamaga Soko is confined at the Ako domain 1662: Zheng Chenggong expels Dutch from Taiwan. Dies next year.
1689:Chinese settlement in Nagasaki constructed
30 Takashi 1691 Takashi becomes national commissioner for temples and shrines in the shogunate. 1702: 47 Ronin of Ako domain revenge master
1704 Start of construction of Hirado castle, finished in 1718 1707: Unified kingdom of Great Britain
31 Atsunobu 1713 Atsunobu becomes lord of Hirado domain 1715: Chikamatsu Monzaemon writes play about Zheng Chenggong
32 Arinobu 1727 Arinobu becomes lord of the Hirado domain
33 Sanenobu 1728 Sanenobu becomes lord of the Hirado domain
1745 Takamichi, grandson of Yamaga Soko, becomes retainer of the Matsura clan
34 Kiyoshi 1775 Kiyoshi (Seizan) becomes lord of the Hirado domain 1772:Tanuma Okitsugu becomes senior counselor 1776: USA independence declaration
1779 Establishment of Ishinkan School and Rakusaido library. 1774:New Book on Anatomy published
1782 Anchor of a Dutch ship found and lifted from the seabed
1788 Painter and scientist Shiba Kokan visits Hirado 1787: Matsudaira Sadanobu becomes senior counselor
1789:French revolution
1800 Confucian scholar Sato Issai lectures at Ishinkan School in Hirado 1799:Dutch VOC bankrupt
1802 Sakamoto Tenzan invited to Hirado to teach artillery to Hirado samurai. 1803:American and British ships arrive in Nagasaki
35 Hiromu 1806 Hiromu becomes lord of Hirado domain
1813 Surveyor Ino Tadataka comes to Hirado on his eight expedition 1808: HMS Phaeton intrudes Nagasaki port
1821 Kiyoshi (Seizan) starts writing the Kasshi Yawa collection of essays
1835 Seizan’s 11th daughter Aiko marries with Nakayama Tadayasu and gives birth to Yoshiko, mother of Emperor Meiji 1840: Opium wars
36 Terasu 1841 Kiyoshi (Seizan) dies 1837:Oshio rebellion in Osaka 1841:England captures Hong Kong
1849 Foreign ships appear off the coast of Iki island (part of Hirado domain) 1844:Dutch King advises to open Japan
1850 Scholar Yoshida Shoin studies in Hirado 1853: Black ships of Perry arrive at Uraga
1852 Yoshiko gives birth to Emperor Meiji
1854 Foreign warships appear in various ports
37 Akira 1858 Akira becomes lord of the Hirado domain 1858: Ansei Purge starts
1859 Katsu Kaishu visits Hirado with Dutch doctor Pompe van Meerdervoort 1859:Nagasaki, Hakodate, Yokohama ports open
1860 British ships map Hirado coastal seas. Installment of cannons after foreign ships pass through Hirado Strait. 1860: Sakuradamon incident
1868 Hirado domain warriors in Kyoto partake in the Battle of Toba-Fushimi and others are send to Akita in the Boshin War. 1864: Shimonoseki campaign 1861-65: American Civil War
1871 Hirado domain is abolished and merged into Nagasaki prefecture. 1867:Emperor reinstated
1880 Yukokan School is founded 1871:Feudal domains abolished, prefectures established.
1893 Tsurugamine Mansion (current Matsura Historical Museum building) constructed. 1873: End of Christianity prohibition 1897:Korean Empire (~1910)
38 Atsushi 1925 300th Japanese-Dutch anniversary memorial constructed in Hirado by Japan-Netherlands Association (headed by Matsura Atsushi) 1914: World War 1 (~18)
1927 Memorial for the English Trading Post in Hirado founded. 1939: World War 2 (~45)
39 Susumu 1955 Merger into Hirado city government. Establishment of Matsura Historical Museum Foundation 1949:People’s Republic of China
Land, buildings and collection donated by Matsura family to the Matsura Historical Museum Foundation. 1950:Korean War
40 Motomu 1969 Emperor Showa visits Hirado
1977 Hirado Bridge is constructed
41 Akira 1990 Dutch Crown Prince visits Hirado 1978:Pope John Paul II elected as Pope 1998:Hong Kong handover to china
1999 Memorial mass commemorating Francis Xavier’s missionary work in Hirado Pope visits Nagasaki 1999: Portuguese Macao transfers to China
2000 400th anniversary of Japanese-Dutch relations celebrated throughout Nagasaki prefecture
2002 Emperor Heisei visits Hirado and Matsura Historical Museum